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Coffee Table Aquariums: A Quick Guide

Coffee table aquariums, end table aquariums, octagon table aquariums, wall mounted aquariums

and other custom, unique aquarium designs are becoming more and more popular these days. A hallmark perk of owning a coffee table fish tank is that it
unique coffee table aquariums
is sure to spruce up any home while at the same time not taking up any of the space of a traditional fish tank. Recently coffee table fish tanks have become more stylish and easy to manage. You can also buy a glass table tank from a coffee table fish tank store for less than what they were when the first commercial models hit the showroom floors.

When it comes to

unique coffee table aquariums and octagonal fish tanks

, you can either buy a retail model from many different online stores selling table aquariums or attempt to construct your own. You can make your own for a fraction of the price of a store-bought table tank model. Unfortunately,

making your own coffee table aquarium

will end up costing you nearly as much as a store-purchased model in the long run unless you know exactly what you're doing. Building your own table aquarium requires a large collection of carpentry tools and a workshop, the latter of which is almost a requirement. It takes a long time to make a coffee table aquarium and you don't want to start building one in any main room of your house unless you're prepared to deal with the clutter (and there WILL be clutter). You'll also have to track down and gather all the unique aquarium supplies you'll need to build a glass table aquarium. This alone may test your commitment to the project.

Assuming you've got the tools, the workshop and all the construction supplies necessary, the next and most daunting task is to build the coffee table aquarium. The actual building of the aquarium will take weeks. And that is after you've done the research necessary to avoid all the pitfalls in the contruction process.

And make no mistake, this step is a must. You may believe you're ready to start building, but unless you've researched online

how to build your own aquarium

for at least two weeks, you're not. The weight of water is very great (a cubic foot weighs 62.42 pounds), and your task is to contain every molecule of it. If you've ever tried to cup water in your hands without losing a single drop, you know how challenging it can be. Imagine cupping fifty gallons or a hundred.

We certainly don't want to talk you out of building your own coffee table aquarium. Our goal here is simply to make you aware of the gravity of this task. It is not to be undertaken lightly and it will literally involve your blood and sweat. An aquarium is a very delicate organism, and even the tiniest mistake or flaw will lead to leaks or complete failure altogether.

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Large amateur built aquariums are prone to breaking loose at the joints, no matter how diligent and meticulous the builder. And if you've never built a large aquarium before, (and worse yet, attempt it without researching it first) you will be fighting leaks eventually. Maybe not right away. But soon. In our experience, this is a fact.

If you don't think you're up to the exhaustive task of
building your own coffee table aquarium
, you might be interested in purchasing a professionally constructed one. These have been tested time and again for flaws and weaknesses, ensuring you won't be emptying your tank right down to the last piece of grit over and over again to patch leaks. If you don't have any experience building a custom aquarium from scratch, we strongly recommend going with a store model. Believe it or not, in the long run, this will prove to be the cheaper option while simultaneously saving you a mountain of frustration and aggravation.

Thanks for visiting our custom coffee table aquariums page. Good luck with your aquarium future!

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